Changing the extruder motor current

Changing the Extruder Motor current

If printer is left idle long time during loading chocolate (several hours) the motor may warm up causing the chocolate cylinder to warm up also.

A solution to this is to lower the motor current, making it to run cooler. In 1st batch of printers, the motor current was set high for more strength but more testing has proven it is not required.

Access the UI from computer

Check the IP address from screen and connect in the same wifi.

Go to “System” tab->

Browse and click other file named config.g

Find the row M906

From the beginning of the page, look for the line M906 X2000 Y2000 Z1500 E****

Change the E**** (default 2000) to smaller value. The value presents in milliamperes the stepper motor current.

E1100 Tested safe minimum limit to use with chocolate, motor practically doesnt heat at all.

E1500 Motor has still a lot of strength, heats approximately to 40 degrees (Recommended)

E2000 Has been tested to be too much and may cause chocolate to heat during printing (motor heat to approximately 45-50 degrees).