Fan compatibility fix

Manu Easy 3D Printer Fan compatibility fix

Problem description

Temperature error

“Warning: high temperature reported by driver(s) 0”

Most probable cause is than fan doesn't rotate at the back of machine. PCB fan should be always rotating at back of machine while machine is printing.

Cause of error is incompatible FAN PWM Frequency in 1st batch of Manu 3D Printers (2020Q4).

Confirm fan is working

Enable the cooling fan manually to full speed in the web control panel Dashboard page.

Select Fan 2 (PCB Fan). Move the slider all the way to the right. Fan should make noticeable sound at back of machine.


Change line for fan configuration in System - Dashboard - config.g (click with mouse left button to open it). Note: After saving the changes, you need to restart the printer, so it's best to do when it is not printing. The changes will be included in next software update.

Line M106 P1 S100 H-1 Change S100 to S255 —> Line should now read M106 P1 S255 H-1