Electronics troubleshooting

Electronic Troubleshooting

Check the power supply

There is a blue LED indicator light on the power supply.

The light should be on.

Note about safety: The poser supply is a high voltage device (230V AC). Do not open it or try to do any service to it. Follow the power supply instructions for more info. If the power indicator LED doesn't turn on, contact [<>]

Remove the back panel

Open four bolts which are shown in picture, and remove the back panel.

Use tool included with the printer:

  • Hex key 3mm

Note aboute safety: All connections inside the printer is 24V DC, which is safe and doesn't do harm to humans. But watch out not to damage the electronics or wires inside the back compartment.

Inside back panel

Power Troubleshooting

  1. Check if the main wires screw connector is tight. Try pulling red and black wire with light force. Are they tight?
  2. Check if the LEDs are on.

If there is no VIN light on even after turning the printer on again, contact [<>]

Other cases

Symptoms: Y axis hitting the door


  • Is build plate inserted all the way?
  • Is the Y endstop functioning as it should?
  • Check with command M119. Y axis should be not stopped when at home position. When home switch is pressed, it should change state when sending M119 again.