Technical guide
Nozzle height adjustment

Nozzle height adjustment

How to adjust nozzle height (first layer height)

Step 1: Tension the nozzle and tube assembly

  • Twist the nozzle cap clockwise firmly to make sure it is tight. This makes sure that the cylinder is also tight.
  • If you have removed or changed the nozzle then make sure it has been tensioned with 7mm socket wrench.
  • Lock the rotation lock

Step 2: Home the printer

  • Home the printer (Home all button)
  • Move X and Y axis to middle (Move - X 100 Y 100)
  • Carefully move Z axis down by clicking the Z - buttons
  • Place a piece of paper (post-it note or piece of A4 paper) between nozzle and bed and now move carefully more Z0.5 mm and with Z0.05 mm so that nozzle just barely touches paper and by the paper you can feel a little resistance.
  • Now make note of the Z height (red circle in picture below) where the “paper level” was measured.

Step 3: Correct the calibration value inside printer

  • Open the web user interface of the printer
  • Navigate to “System” -> then click on start.g
  • Start.g includes the first layer setting

Edit the line for first layer (second last line) by replacing the old Z value with the new measured value.

Note: You can also make adjustment if there is clear indication that the calibration is wrong by changing the value for example 0.1mm more (to increase the first layer height, so that parts will stick less) or to subtract 0.1mm to make print first layer closer to bed.

Click save from top right corner and you can start next print.