Connect The Printer

Wi-fi troubleshooting

Note about 2.4 GHz networking:

  • In most cases Wi-Fi routers automatically handle all devices
  • But in some cases, wi-fi router may have two separate network names (SSID). In that case make sure to connect to the option without “_5G” in the name because the printer has 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module and cannot connect to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network.
  • Usually the router doesn't need any configurations after this and devices in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz can communicate automatically in local area network.

Note about the M587 S”XYZ” P”12345” command.

  • Remember check and use capital letters if any in the SSID name
  • Maximum password length: Maximum command length is 42 characters in the current display on-screen-keyboard version. If you have very long SSID name or password name, it may be necessary to shorten them.
  • Wi-Fi network without password, use for example P”12345678” instead for the password.

Connect through Access Point

Open the web server on your laptop through wi-fi OR remove the SD card from the printer and connect to your computer or laptop through SD card reader.

How to remove SD card (opens in a new tab)

1. Download following files and Upload files to Macros

Content inside file

M291 P"password" S3

[!Password] Title Contents

M291 P"This will turn on an access point with name DuetSSID and password password Click OK to continue." S3

M552 S0 ;Turn network to idle

G4 P2

M589 S"DuetSSID" P"password" I192.168.0.1 C1 ;Configure access point

M552 S2 ; Enable access point

M500 ; Save settings

2. Edit config.g

Under Network section


; Network

M552 S1                                        ; enable network

M586 P0 S1                             ; enable HTTP

M586 P1 S0                             ; disable FTP

M586 P2 S0                             ; disable Telnet

(delete above line and replace with following code.) After:

; Network

;M552 S1                                        ; enable network

M552 S2                                ;Enable access point

M589 S"DuetSSID" P"password" I192.168.0.1 C1    ;Configure access point

M586 P0 S1                             ; enable HTTP

M586 P1 S0                             ; disable FTP

M586 P2 S0                             ; disable Telnet

Save the config-g

3. Run "Forget all network"

  • Open Macros on 3D printer screen
  • Click on Forget all network

4. Run "Create Access point"

  • Similar as Step 3

5. Run "1-Show IP address"

6. Connect to DuetSSID wi-fi with Password- password

  • Your laptop or computer should be close to the 3D printer
  • Find DuetSSID on your laptop or computer wi-fi list

7. Now you can type I.P address and connect to Printer.


To change Wi-fi name and Password

  1. Download Create Access point (opens in a new tab) Replaces DuetSSID and password with desired name and Password on Here-1 (opens in a new tab)
  2. Change with the same name and password before copy past code. Here -2 (opens in a new tab)

Removing SD card from 3D Printer

  1. Remove the back panel by opening 4 M3 bolts with the help of an M3 screwdriver. (M3 Screw driver is provided in the tool box)
  2. The SD card is marked with a red arrow. Press the SD card to release it. When it releases, pull out the SD card.