Extruder Advance Guide

Know your printer - Extruder

This is a more technical tutorial and may require some knowledge about servicing 3D Printers or other machines or devices like computers.

The extruder tool of Manu Easy 3D printer is high precision CNC machined and has full aluminum frame which is safe to use and easy to service and maintain.

There are two sensors which you have to watch out for while doing any service.

  1. BLTouch sensor.
  2. Hot-end thermistor wire.

Do not damage them with any tools accidentally! They may break if handled without care. Do not pull connectors from wires but always pull by holding the connector frame.

Behind the nozzle, there is a factory calibrated BLTouch, sensor which makes sure that the first layer starts at correct height.

It is hall effect Solenoid actuated sensor which does physical measurement of bed.

Hot-end package quick disconnect connector. It is opened by compressing the plastic spring on top of the connector while pulling the connector.

It should rest on the shelf on the left side of the extruder.

Extruder Maintenance: Cleaning the nozzle

The nozzle can be cleaned without removing it. Simply preheat the printer and use the supplied brass brush.

Extruder Maintenance: Removing fan cover

To do any service to extruder, you have to remove the fan and the fan cover first.

It is recommended to do service if any feeder problems occur (filament grinding) or every 6 months.

There is a quick disconnect connector on the side of the fan cover. Remove it first. Remember to press the lever on top while pulling connector.

Fan cover can be removed by one bolt using the supplied 3mm Hex key. Note: Watch out not to damage the fan with the tools by disconnecting it first.

Extruder Maintenance: Gear cleaning

There is no easily wearing parts in the extruder.

The common services are:

  1. cleaning the gear of any dust or particles is at least every 6 months or if any feeding errors.
  2. In case of feeder errors filament grinding may occur.

Filament grinding is phenomena which may occur in any filament-based extrusion 3D-printers. What happens is that if filament doesn’t flow properly in the nozzle, or is stuck at the filament spool side, the motor has no other option than to grind a hole in the filament.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, use high quality recommended materials and the correct 3D-printing profile.

If un-tested or non-supported materials are used, this may occur and usually is related to using wrong temperature or filament properties.

However, it is easy to fix. Just preheat the nozzle and pull the filament out. Cut the damaged portion and the printer is ready to print. Gear cleaning is recommended to improve accuracy.

Hot-End service

The Hot-End Packages are factory calibrated and assembled assuring that there is no need of calibrations on the printer side.

Is is not recommended for users to open the smaller components (like the tube or small nozzle) it has to be made with special tools while the nozzle is hot. A special jig is used in manufacturing them and all hot-end packages are factory calibrated by Mehta Heino Industries.

Extruder Maintenance: Changing the hot-End package

  1. Remove the filament before doing procedure.
  2. Remember to brush the nizzle before removing for storage.
  3. Remove the fan cover.
  4. Open the hot-end quick disconnect connector before pulling the package out.
  5. Watch out for the BLTouch while removing the wire, bend the wire carefully over the sensor.
  6. Hot-end package can be now removed by opening the two bolts with 3mm hex key.

After changing the Hot-End: Changing beta value of heater

Beta value of heater will be provided with heater.

Access the UI from computer. Check the IP address from screen and connect in the same wifi.

Go to “System” tab->

Open config.g

Browse and click other file named config.g

Find the row M906

From the beginning of the page, look for the line M308 S1 P"e0temp" Y"thermistor" T100000 B**** C1.09016e-7

Change the B**** to provided value. Beta value of heater will be provided with hotend.

After changing the Hot-End: sensor calibration

Software requirement is to run PID calibration after changing the Hot-End.

If the calibration is off, temperature may fluctuate ±5°C or more when its reaching target temperature.Just open the console and send command M303 H1 S220.

Make sure to start calibration when machine is in room temperature or maximum 40°C.

The fan should be connected to the machine (effect of fan will be automatically balanced by software) The calibration is automatic and takes approx 2 minutes.

After it is ready, remember to send command M500 to save the setting into the printer.

Extruder features notes

By rotating the lever, it is possible to move the filament manually after it is preheated.

Note: Tensioner gap limit adjuster makes sure that filament is not over compressed at the gear. This improves print quality and allows trouble free usage with soft 3D printing materials like TPU and PP.

Manually removing filament from Hot-End

  1. Before removing filament, heat the hot-end from screen upto 200 defee celsius.
  2. The bowden tube quick connector can be opened by pushing the lock ring and pulling the tube out gently.
  3. Push the lever in the direction as shown in the figure and pull the filament out.